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Fist Chair, Maple Plywood/Fabric Seat

  • Item ID: ZZZ-UP152

Bomb Chair, Maple Plywood/Fabric Seat

  • Item ID: ZZZ-UP154

Coco Single Chair

  • Item ID: ZZZ-UP101-1

Quadrant Sofa, Walnut UNFINISHED ONLY

  • Item ID: ZZZ-UP103-3-W

Quadrant Chair, Walnut UNFINISHED ONLY

  • Item ID: ZZZ-UP103-W

Frederick Sofa, Steel Legs

  • Item ID: ZZZ-UP096

Dana sideboard

  • Item ID: ZZZ-OW298

Reclaimed Lumber Hollyhock Dresser, Small

  • Item ID: ZZZ-OW279-S

Reclaimed Lumber Chevron Nightstand

  • Item ID: ZZZ-OW312

Reclaimed Lumber Hollyhock Dresser, Large

  • Item ID: ZZZ-OW279-L

Reclaimed Lumber Belmont Sideboard

  • Item ID: ZZZ-OW296

Magnolia Bar, 3 drawers, 1 fixed shelf

  • Item ID: ZZZ-OW292

Franz 3-seater sofa

  • Item ID: ZZZ-UP047-3

Reclaimed Lumber Chevron sideboard

  • Item ID: ZZZ-OW249

Joinville Bookcase, Walnut

  • Item ID: ZZZ-FF178

Reclaimed Lumber Chevron Sideboard, Small

  • Item ID: ZZZ-OW249-S

Spirea Side Table, RL Top,Walnut Legs

  • Item ID: ZZZ-OW255

Reclaimed Lumber Marco Bookcase

  • Item ID: ZZZ-OW187

Reclaimed Lumber Marco Bookcase, Small

  • Item ID: ZZZ-OW187-S

Reclaimed Lumber Chevron buffet

  • Item ID: ZZZ-OW247

Reclaimed Lumber Chevron dresser

  • Item ID: ZZZ-OW248

Boston console

  • Item ID: ZZZ-OW012-18

Beverly Sideboard, Walnut 1x adj shelves behind each door, 2 drawers on ends

  • Item ID: ZZZ-FF126

Natalia side table, Walnut

  • Item ID: ZZZ-FF081

Dixon Walnut Lantern, Medium, Natural

  • Item ID: ZZZ-FF068-M

Lennox Cabinet, Oak

  • Item ID: ZZZ-FF107

Lamar Sideboard, Walnut Veneer/Steel Base

  • Item ID: ZZZ-FF173

Monarca Cabinet,Walnut/Alder Base 2 adj. shelves

  • Item ID: ZZZ-FF130

Davos Dresser, Walnut

  • Item ID: ZZZ-FF162

Bullseye Sideboard, Walnut Veneer

  • Item ID: ZZZ-FF160

Dixon Walnut Lantern, Small

  • Item ID: ZZZ-FF068-S

Carpinteria Cabinet, Oak

  • Item ID: ZZZ-FF106

Dixon Walnut Lantern, Large

  • Item ID: ZZZ-FF068-L

Bristol Side Table

  • Item ID: ZZZ-CM237

Neuville Bookshelf and Cabinet Unit

  • Item ID: ZZZ-CM243

Benedict Console

  • Item ID: ZZZ-CM296

Avon Table

  • Item ID: ZZZ-CM272

Golden Rod Display

  • Item ID: ZZZ-CM188

Ben Side Table

  • Item ID: ZZZ-CM298

Bridge Coffee Table

  • Item ID: ZZZ-CM184

Wall Art “Lucy”

  • Item ID: ZZZ-CM224

Rollo Bookcase

  • Item ID: ZZZ-CM118

Ice Chandelier, Steel/Brass

  • Item ID: ZZZ-CM149

Straight Light, Steel/Brass

  • Item ID: ZZZ-CM153

Reclaimed Lumber Soledad 4-Poster Bed, Queen

  • Item ID: X-OW334-Q

Reclaimed Lumber Gimso Console

  • Item ID: X-OW321

Reclaimed Lumber Ludwik Mirror, Small

  • Item ID: X-OW295-S

Reclaimed Lumber Anton Bookcase, Tall

  • Item ID: X-OW307-T